Is Sales Training Important? Zig Ziglar put it best. He said “You were born a winner. But to be a winner, you must believe you’re a winner, prepare to win, and expect to win.” I believe that every person that enters into the sales profession is already a winner. Stepping out of a comfort zone of a nine to five job to move into a career, comprised mostly of commission can be a scary proposition. The rewards however can be huge. The ROI in sales is unmatched in any other profession.

Preparing to win is one of the steps too few people actually take. Doctors and Lawyers realize the trade off of learning and high paying careers. They know that in order to get to the life style they wish to have, it will cost them something. Doctors spend four years in college followed by another set of years depending on their chosen specialty and then have hospital rounds and on the job training. The shear determination to learn what they need to know, to operate in their chosen profession is a sacrifice in time. Lawyers make the same sacrifice of time and learning.

In sales, most organizations including a great deal of Insurance companies have sales training. The training consists of “here is your sales kit, we want to wish you the best of luck.” I have been in the insurance arena for 25 years. I have seen countless agents come and go. When asked why they chose to leave what could be the most lucrative career? Most said the number one reason was “I had little or no training.” They knew all about the policies and the laws but these applications are not flying off the shelf to sell themselves.

The picture most insurance recruiters paint is within six months you will be on track to make well over six figures. The recruiters and the new agents miss the trade off. They haven’t learned what many in this industry have. In order to be successful, there is a trade off. The difference is sales training.

In the beginning you don’t know what you don’t know. Then you learn what you don’t know and finally you know what you know. Then and only then are you ready to achieve the goals you set for yourself. The next logical question is where do I find this training? There are books at every book store and classes you can enroll into. We also offer these classes online . The point is, get the training you require to know what you don’t know so you can know what you know.

The final step according to Zig is, expect to win. Walk into every situation with the belief that you have already won. Move in the confidence that you know what you know and there is nothing stopping you. You were born a winner. Make a conscious decision that this day is a new starting point for you and nothing can keep you down. Make an investment in the most important commodity you have. Yourself.