Sales people walk through a process each and every time they present their product to a potential client. However why are some insurance sales people successful and some unsuccessful? The unsuccessful ones typically don’t follow the Sales Cycle. They do not follow the path to insurance sales. They skip a step and try to make up for it on other steps.

Sales Trainers frequently talk about the Sales Cycle, however depending on the product sold or market discussed, they may name the steps something different, but the steps are basically the same. The path to the successful out come you are looking for is mere steps away.

So what are the steps of the sales cycle and how do they work?

1. Get Acquainted : get comfortable with each other.

2. Brief: Look for favorable circumstances. Is everybody who needs to be there present? Etc.

3. Find the emotional need

4. Fill the emotional need

5. Close

What is the point of making sure all these steps are completed?

Well for example, let’s say you decide on trying to skip the brief step. You go though the process and the potential client tells you. Sounds great but I need to talk to my wife about this. Because you skipped that step, you theoretically shot yourself in the foot. How can you effectively close the sale when everybody necessary to close the sale are not there? The answer is you can’t.

Moving systematically from one step to the next insures you increase your odds of making the sale. In most sales processes, most sales people spend the majority of time finding prospects to sit down with to sell. Doesn’t it make sense to spend the appropriate amount of time necessary to moving you methodically from one step to the next in the Sales Cycle making sure you cover your bases and growing closer to the sale you worked so hard to set up?

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