Attitude, Belief, and Confidence… The ABC’s of Sales

I once believed that in sales, if I could just learn that one killer closing statement, that one closing technique that worked every time, all my troubles would be over. Unfortunately, that statement and that technique do not exist. Don’t get me wrong; there are proper sales techniques that are extremely helpful in the sales process. Proper sales skills cannot be discounted. However, the three areas that will outshine rusty or nonexistent skills are the ABC’s of sales; and the lesson I quickly learned was that there is a balancing act.

The ABC’s of sales consist of three attributes: Attitude, Belief, and Confidence. Remove any of these three and success in sales will quickly dwindle. Attitude is probably one of the most important attributes to possess in the arena of sales and is the one that can quickly sink a fledgling sales person or a seasoned veteran. You may ask yourself, “What does a proper Attitude have to do with the sales process?” The equation is quite simple and yet still complex… our thoughts control our Beliefs. Earl Nightingale once said, “We become whatever we think about all day.” Our thoughts control our Beliefs. Our Beliefs affect our expectations. Our expectations affect our Attitude. Our Attitude affects our performance, and our performance affects our life.

Think of it this way. You have an appointment with a potential client. Your thought is, “I am going to gain a new client today.” What is your Belief? You are getting a new client. What is your expectation of how the call is going to go? Great! What will your Attitude be? Upbeat… the Mojo is working. How will this affect your performance? Your Confidence has already assured you a win before you ever darken the potential client’s door.

Now let’s reverse the Attitude and see the potential outcome. You have an appointment with a potential client and your thought is, “This individual is just like all the rest and probably only going to waste my time.” What will your Belief be? Another blown appointment. What will your expectation be? Zippo, nada, once again. What will your Attitude do? Sink like a one egg pudding. How will this affect your performance? You will probably greet the potential client with a smirk that says, “What’s your problem? I know you’re not buying anything today!”

What is the difference between the two scenarios? Attitude. If you believe you will win, you will win more often than not. Zig Ziglar calls a negative Attitude stinkin’ thinkin’. It is prevalent in a great deal of sales people and can quickly infect an entire team. A positive Attitude alone is not going to guarantee a sale; however, it is a huge contributing factor to the overall success of the sales person. Attitude can make or break a sales team or an individual and must be evaluated on a regular basis.

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