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Keith Benton, Creator of Agent Sales Trainer for How to Sell Insurance, began selling Life Insurance at age 19 when he sold Life coverage for MILICO. He became a District Manager in the Fort Worth area at the age of 20.

He then worked for New York Life as well as Aetna as a District Representative in the Dallas office. In 1998 he received the National Sales Award for Highest New Enrollments.

Benton moved on to management and a sales trainer in both the Senior Health and Underage Healthcare arena and received numerous awards such as, Presidents Council Award, Leadership Development Board Winner and Divisional and Annual Contest Winner.

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Over the last 25 years, Benton (pictured above) has trained hundreds of new agents with his proven system. He is also active in his church and community.

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Online Insurance Sales Training was not available  30 years ago, and I was where you are now, with dreams of making a new life for myself and having the freedom that comes with a successful insurance career. I had my license but wasn’t just sure of how to make those dreams become reality. You may find yourself in the same situation. Let me save you time with these proven sales techniques.

I have had the privilege of training hundreds of insurance sales professionals with a simplistic 5 step approach to the sales of insurance products. These are the same techniques that have allowed me to win trips, awards and accolades from the many companies I have had the privilege to represent.

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