Learn these 5 easy sales tips to grow your sales business and gain new clients. Learn each sales tip from the  trainer to gain the confidence needed to take you to the next level

Sales Tip # 1: Learn to Listen

Sales is not just being a good talker, it’s being a good listener. When you are in front of potential clients, listening to what they have to say is more important than what you have to say. Listen carefully and they will tell you what it will take for you to make them your newest clients.

Sales Tip # 2: Ask, Ask, Ask

Ask enough questions to gain insight on the issues that will truly motivate your potential clients to make a favorable decision. I shoot for 10 to 30 questions looking for the real reason they are looking for your solution.

Sales Tip #3: Emotion Sells

Not only are questions important, but asking those questions that uncover emotional reasons for them to buy is important too. All sales are based on emotion not logic. Look for those reasons that have an emotional underpinning and you are on your way to increasing your client count.

Sales Tip #4: Referrals the Easy Way

Replace your new clients with new prospects. The easiest way to get referrals is to simply ask. The next way is to use internet phone directories. Most have a link that shows neighbors. While talking to your potential clients, is it OK to ask them if they know John Smith, who lives across the street? Of course it is. Why not back into referrals. Try it. It works.

Sales Tip #5: Close with Confidence

The majority of communication is non verbal. That means people can tell much more about what you think by watching your mannerisms than through what you say. If you exude confidence, the client is more apt to believe what you say. When you close, make sure you are confident with the solution you are presenting. It will show in your face and your bottom line.